Self-Tuned Adaptive Routines for MPI Collective Operations (STAR-MPI)

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The STAR-MPI (Self-Tuned Adaptive Routines for MPI Collective Operations) project is an ongoing research and development effort at Florida State University focusing on applying empirical adaptive techniques to supporting portable performance for MPI collective operations. At present, it provides C and Fortran77 interfaces to five MPI collective routines: MPI_Alltoall, MPI_Allreduce, MPI_Allgather, MPI_Bcast, and MPI_Reduce. The following two papers describe the technical details and background of this package.

You can download STAR-MPI here. Please see the README file in the package for installation and usage. Please use SourceForge support and bug tracker at the SourceForge summary page if you need any help.

This project is supported in part by National Science Foundation under grants CCF-0342540, CCF-0541096, and CNS-0551555.

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